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Sketching skills build up course using common drawing techniques and tools

Teacher: Evgeny Onutchin

10-15 hours course at Sunday mid day (around 13:00) and/or Middle of the week evenings, Wednesday after 18:00. The course will deal with surfaces buildup and focus on explanatory style sketches. In the course we will review techniques for building correct objects and bodies reflecting 3D world. The course is aimed to teach you to make quick, designer quality sketches with pen and pencil suitable for building your portfolio or initial skill set up.

1st lesson. introduction.
Introduction to the course: presentation format.
Assessment of the skills and abilities: trial drawing of a common object in term to assess the skills of participants.
Short exercise with pen or pencil that explains how to train the arm for free hand long straight lines.

2nd lesson.
Warm Up: Lines and shapes training. Arm flow training exercise.
Perspective: Definition of one and two vanishing points perspective drawings presentation.
Introduction to views (2/3, 1/3, front, side) and compositions.
Trials accompanied by the tutor explanations in “one on one” format. Drawings of basic shapes like boxes, cylinders in perspective grid, assembly of sketches page composition.

3rd lesson.
Warm Up: Freehand drawing of amorphic forms, lines and ellipses and circles.
Morphology: Rely on previous lesson extending the studies with shapes cutting and boolean compositions. Extension to more complex bodies.
Shading: First steps for technical shading. Straight lines surfaces shading of one gradation.
Exercises with complex boolean bodies in perspective combined with shading and emphasis on page composition. Presentation of the results to participants and review of works by tutor.

4th lesson.
Light: One Light Source, Ambient reflections.
Materials: Matt and Gloss finishes (Diffusion).
Gradual shading: Explanation on structure of the surfaces and their shadings. Pallette buildup using Pastel or Pencil.
Rework the complex bodies from previous lessons and application of gradual shading according to Light and Material principles. Trials will be accompanied by tutor in “one on one” format.

5th lesson.
Warm Up: Surrounding objects capture.
Introduction to human body: Construction of the body from basic bodies and shading application relay on the previous lessons. Poses and proportions.
Sketch emphasis points: Eye flows (empty space), focal points (line thickness)
Speed sketching exercise. Capture poses in 10 - 15 min. Students pose for each other. Review of the sketches by participants.

Cost: 140 euro